ca va? (sa-vaa)
what's up? hello! welcome to my blog,now i want post my new blog about me, new story which is really describing about me,honest and not following the trends anymore. I want to post what comes to my mind and i want to share everything i like.
so here we go the first thing is introduction about me, my name is Demima Tamara Barones. People used to call me dema/mima you guys can call me whatever you want both is fine for me:)
i'm now taking an advertising major at my campus.
Why i choose advertising?
i took advertising major because i found it interesting its really describing me i want build my own advertising company i want to become everything at advertising i want to become an account executive,copywriting, art director everything.
i do have some life goals the first thing is want to make my dad and my mom proud of me because of my hardwork, i want to be known by everyone and they dont look down on me again, i want to go to makkah,japan and also america,and build my own company so thay is why every goals i have i want pursue it to make it come true:)

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